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10,000 STEPS A DAY

How many steps do you walk each day?

You may have heard the general recommendation to walk 10,000 steps per day. There is nothing magic about this number, but it is a goal to get you started and keep you motivated. You simply start tracking your steps and gradually increase over a period of time. 

The Halloween Virtual Race is Here


Halloween is Coming...

Our first-ever Halloween Virtual Race is now open for entry. Prepare for our scariest and most thrilling race yet!

Season 6 of Zombies, Run! is well underway – check out our fun behind-the-scenes recordings, plus a Q&A with Phil Nightingale, the voice of Sam Yao!

Halloween Virtual Race banner: This Halloween, Run or Die!

It's Halloween in Abel! Monsters lurk behind every corner, friends become foes, and the dead are rising...


Our first-ever Halloween Virtual Race is now open for entry! It's like a traditional race, but takes place in a location and time of your choice. Walk, jog or run wherever you may be!


Featuring two training missions and a 5k/10k race, the story is set during Season 1, so this race is perfect for all players. And because it's Halloween, anything can happen...


Best of all, entry starts from just $30!

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Medal, T-shirt, Patch

All entrants get a fantastic medal and our first ever embroidered iron-on cloth patch - perfect for every Runner 5's kit! Plus our pro-spec shortsleeve and longsleeve race shirts are ideal for Halloween. Want to be a survivor or a zombie? You decide! 

Dead or alive, these shirts are engineered for extreme running comfort: they're lightweight and breathable, with exceptional moisture wicking. They come in both unisex and women's fits – order fast before they run out!

Tanktop, Personalised shirt, Doodie

For the first time, we're offering personalised shirts, along with standard tanktops and hoodies. We think you'll love our new options!


Over 20,000 people have entered our virtual races, with a 99%+ satisfaction rating. They're a great way to motivate yourself to ran further and faster, and a fantastic gift for friends and family.

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Oct 20 - Nov 3

Halloween Virtual Race trailer

Coming Soon to Racelink

Want to run up the tallest mountain in the solar system? Explore an island of dinosaurs? Catch the Ripper? Sign up to hear about all of our upcoming Racelink virtual races:

Run Olympus Mons banner

Race to the top of the highest mountain in the Solar System!

Dino Dash banner

Get ready to Race the Rexes

Ripper Run banner

Can you catch the killer?

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Phil Nightingale (Sam Yao) Q&A video

Who'd be better at fixing a car/cooking a meal/dancing/escaping zombies - Phil Nightingale, or the character he plays, Sam Yao?

5K Training Updates

We've released a number of bugfixes for our new 5K Training app, including v2.0.5 on iOS, which ensures all workouts are fully unlocked for past purchases. Please update if you're playing!

Happy running, Five - and stay safe out there!

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Get Creative With These 5 Healthy Date Ideas!

Quick, when was your last date? 

If you’re like me, it may have coincided with the birth of Daenerys’ dragons… 

Whether it’s been awhile since your last date, or even if it hasn’t, summer is here and it’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your love life. Whether you are a man or woman, gay or straight, single or taken (or anything in between) we all need a little love in our lives for our general well-being. 

Love can be felt from various personal relationships, but for the purpose of this article, I’m focusing on romantic love. While it can be easy to overlook, love is a huge part of mental and physical health, general well-being and happinessN. One study, which examined more than 300,000 participants, found people who lack strong personal relationships increased their risk of premature death from all causes by 50%. 


That’s an effect on mortality risk greater than obesity or physical inactivity and nearly as bad as smoking everyday. Wow. 

Though I’m in the “single” category, I’m blessed to have extremely close relationships with friends and family (*wipes sweat from brow) … but in that quest to find my permanent partner in crime, I’m always down to try out a new date activity!